17 July 2012

Money as grow

Money management  is crucial. As crucial as the education must be start from the toddler ages. There a time when I was young, when I found that the money my mother gave wasn't enough, so I took some initiative by selling stuff. How?, It's easy.  I buy a dozen of rubber eraser with pretty pictures on it and wrap it up with old news paper. My sales is like a hot cake! Oh, there's a coupon in some of the wrapper will wrote "10 cents" or "20 cents" so that the buyer is eligible to get the money as the prize. Smart ay? I gain a lots of profits and spend it on snacks. Of course, That's when I am 8 years old.

So kids, I had my lesson. Luckily kids these days, there's a lots of websites and sources to taught them about financial. On of them is this. A simple yet understandable about to live financially smart lives.

Link : moneyasyougrow

Multiple Intelligence : The Easiest Way

If you are a teacher, you might know about multiple intelligences. And if you not a teacher, you might be a counselor that might as well know about multiple intelligences. 

The theory of multiple intelligences was proposed by Howard Gardner in 1983 as a model of intelligence that differentiates intelligence into various specific (primarily sensory) modalities, rather than seeing it as dominated by a single general ability. - wikipedia

Multiple Intelligences is important to identify what is one's good at. The skill and the talent which in other word means that everyone have their one specialties which is benefit to oneself and other.

Recently I have found these unique comic strip about identifying the multiple. Read, and better understanding of what are you and people around you are good at.

source : comicworkshop

01 February 2011

Day Of Rage

Inspired by an event in Tunisia recently, the most  dramatic events unfolded as the largest protests in a generation rocked Cairo. Same thing happen in Lebanon. 

A protester carrying an Egyptian flag runs through clouds of tear gas at a demonstration in Cairo January 25, 2011. Thousands of anti-government protesters, some hurling rocks and climbing atop an armored police truck, clashed with riot police in the center of Cairo in a Tunisia-inspired demonstration to demand the end of Hosni Mubarak's nearly 30 years in power. (AP Photo/Nasser Nasser)

Demonstrators surround a water-canon truck used by police to disperse a protest in central Cairo to demand the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak and call for reforms January 25, 2011. (MOHAMMED ABED/AFP/Getty Images)

Demonstrators clash with police in central Cairo during a protest January 25, 2011.

Smoke from tear gas canisters fired by police drifts over central Cairo during protests January 25, 2011.

More pictures here, bigpictures.
You may follow all the updates about our students there from the krisismesirnasibrakyatkita

Note : Pray for all our brother and sister there, for their safety and for the egypt.
P.S : Abqori, Siti Noor Fairuz and husband, be safe and may Allah always bless you. Amin.

31 January 2011

Sayang Kinabalu By Moss meets Rasmanos

Found this, and it's a good variant from the original song "sayang kinabalu". Nice.

P.S : Yes, I am going to be posted to Sabah soon. :)