06 October 2008

I have a very BAD English

As the title mentioned above. Don't get me wrong. It's not that Bad English (An American rock band supergroup formed in 1988). Yes, indeed.. I have a very bad english+ a very bad grammar+ and very bad Pronounciation. So, lets combine them together shall we? I have a very bad "Engrammaciation". >:) (Haha, another "Kerosakan Bahasa")

But the point is, I still want to use it.

Actually, what about this "English" anyway? First of all, Thanks to globalization, the Allied victories in World War II, and
American leadership in science and technology, English has become so
successful across the world that it's escaping the boundaries of what
we think it should be. In part, this is because there are fewer of us:
By 2020, native speakers will make up only 15 percent of the estimated
2 billion people who will be using or learning the language. Already,
most conversations in English are between nonnative speakers who use it
as a lingua franca.

But, English have been localised by the non-native speakers have changed/modified/fried/"Rojak"? the English to suite their local demand language. Finally, A New-born language.. Introducing, Chinglish, Manglish, and others. So be it..

Anyway, the main point of this post is.. Forgive me I have a very bad english (grammar, structure and etc) in Future. :)

Syukur Selalu

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