27 January 2010

It's really a Big Apple

It's something big, it's coming, and it's today! Come on Steve J. Show me what you got.
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P.S :I am geek. Not total, it's almost. I love when they introduce their latest creation to the world then I'll be wondering, "How they do that?, It's awesome". Sometimes I wish I am an engineer, so I could come up with a creation that help people.

24 January 2010

Baginda Mangkat

Kami semua berkabung dengan kemangkatan baginda Sultan Iskandar Ibni Almarhum Sultan Ismail semalam. Semoga roh Baginda di cucuri rahmat-Nya. Al - Fatihah.

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23 January 2010


This semester is a blessed, why? Because we only had two subject. Yes chap, two subjects. Hehe.

Introducing, Maliza the batik "taikun". She is amazingly good in business. No wonder since she is Kelantanese. Correct me if I'm wrong but kelantanese woman are good in doing business. Kan?

This is Saipul dan Shahrul. Both of them are from Kelantan. Shahrul on the right side have the same Date of birth like me.

This is Faizah, a pure Johor borned who is in partnership with Maliza in conducting their business.

This is Suhana. I'd prefer call her "Kak Su". Everyone, say hello to her.

This is Izham. A pekan borned chap. He's good in playing football.

This is padi. The man with big tummy and big heart. Get to know him, sure you'll like him.

Ops, I have been spotted!. hehe. Until next time..

P.S : Never bring your big camera during the lecture.

18 January 2010


Hari ini saya turun bersenam di padang.  Sekian. :D

P.S : Gambar tiada kaitan.

P.S.S : Oh.. oh. Bola. Kolej kami menang. 3 - 2. Dramatik. Jumpa di Final. ;)

17 January 2010

Sakit Rumah

Baru dua minggu, aku dah mula rasa nak balik kampung.. Sigh..

14 January 2010

Bola itu bulat.

Aku la ni jarang-jarang update. Bukan tak nak update. Tangguh.. tangguh.. tangguh.. last.. last tak update. Very, very bad work habit. Jadi kalian jangan coba-coba untuk menangguh-nangguh kerja anda. 

Baiklah, ahad yang lalu ada ada pertandingan bola. Ini kolej aku menentang pasukan ??. Tak ingat. Kami menang 2 - 1. Yeah!. March to the semi! Good job guys.

More pictures, please.. please.. feel free to go to my flickr. Drop your foot print too. :)

P:S : I'll updated moarr  pictures in the semi final match this weekend.

04 January 2010

The Evolution of the Computer

The technology is getting thinner and small. Its Endless.

P.S : Just a quick update for the blog. Phew.. It's dusty.

Picture source : thenextweb