24 February 2010

Simple Photo Tutorial: How to Make a Mask With Photoshop

Get it? Get it? Haha. I bet you got it. [Gizmodo via tumblr via tumblr via Super Punch]

19 February 2010

End Of Holidays

Now it's the end of holiday. I am started to think about those incoming "projects" at school, lesson plan. Research! Aha. Research proposal too. Nice.. nice. Well, like it or not.. better get used to it. Sooner or later. Haha. Until then guys, nice to meet all of you this holiday. It's not much. But I think it'll be enough. See you another three weeks!.

Want to see the rest of the photos? See my Flickr.

17 February 2010

Meet my niece. Nuryn.

Meet my niece. Nuryn Nadzirah Zahra.

She is very active. Running here and there.

Guess she got it from my mother and sister.

She loves to eat. Just like me. Almost anything.

Sometimes, she might seem unfriendly.

But trust me, she is indeed friendly. Next time you saw her, say hi. Or else. She'll poke you first.

11 February 2010

#Today at school : Fire Drill

Kia ora!. Hmph. Sorry. Helo. Today at school, we have a fire drill.


Learning outcome?  Accomplished.
P.S : These kids is year one. 

10 February 2010

Haere rā!

You and I will meet again. When we're least expecting it. One day in some far off place. I will recognize your face. I won't say goodbye my friend. For you and I will meet again..

Picture credit : Szymon Stoma Flickr

09 February 2010

Morning view

Morning view from my school is just fascinating. It's everyday.

08 February 2010

There.. There..

First day practicum, Haha. Anyway, seriously I think I am going to love the school.