07 March 2010

Teaser : New Sony Alpha

P.S : Tempting.. Now I have to wait.

06 March 2010

Paper Camera are wonderful

So, you love art and photography?. DSLR is too expensive but yet you love to take a photograph?. And you love Lomo but it might cost you a bucks?. Well, this post is for you. Long before photography was about megapixels and photo editing, it was about little more than film and light. To show you how simple photography can be, these are the list of  paper cameras that reflect the purity of photography. If you could use a bit of photographic inspiration, read on– and be prepared to interact. More than half of these cameras can be downloaded and printed out on your own printer. In the time it takes you to read this article, you can add a brand new camera to your collection absolutely for freeee.

05 March 2010

Uncle Jack

UNCLE JACK is about nocturnal odyssey of a desperate fugitive. A mad clown, magic pills, a bedtime story and more add up for a fast-paced, riotous adventure. Cheer for a troubled character with a big heart in this short film shot in Denver, Colorado. The best part? this film was shot with DSLR. A PENTAX K-7 and the DA 10-17mm, DA* 16-50mm, and DA* 60-250mm lenses.

P.S : Seriously creative.

04 March 2010


Vinfografiq from Jesse Thomas explained boatload of stats on the internet. Seem like we, ourself and the world are owning by the Facebook.  [Vimeo via The Daily What via Gizmodo]

03 March 2010

Waves on you

Featuring Clark Little in today post. He is amazing underwater photographer based on Hawaii. His expertise? waves. See for yourself.

I enjoy the power and beauty of the thick bombs that roll through. Now I can capture some of those heavy moments without getting slammed. Well, most of the time.                                                                                - Clark Little

02 March 2010

Anger works

Gempa Bumi Chile minggu lalu dengan kekuatan 8.8 magnitude, antara yang terkuat dalam sejarah. Gambar? bagaimana 66.6 exajoule tenaga  tersebar meluas ke seluruh lautan pasifik.

Setakat ini telah menyebabkan 700 kematian, dengan kekuatan yang bersamaan dengan kekuatan 15.8 gigaton bahan letupan TNT, 50 megatons Soviet Tsar bom nuklear. Gempa tersebut menghasilkan tsunami yang besar!, tetapi lenyap apabila sampai ke kawasan persisiran yang mempunyai populasi seperti Hawaii dan New Zealand. Tetapi, malang bagi penduduk Chile.

Laporan asal NOAA via Gizmodo