31 January 2011

Sayang Kinabalu By Moss meets Rasmanos

Found this, and it's a good variant from the original song "sayang kinabalu". Nice.

P.S : Yes, I am going to be posted to Sabah soon. :)

23 January 2011

I want a daughter!

I never write like this but, Siti Aminah is really adorable!.

P.S : Mom, I want to marry fast-fast. Can I? Can I?

Source : Blog Serius

22 January 2011

One of the things

One of the things I would do if I'm back to my college life is.. Cycling.

P.S : Sanah Helwah! you know who you are. ;)

Credit Pictures : coxnewsweb

18 January 2011

Owh So Muslim, is really osm!

Owh So Muslim is Really Osm! (Read : Osm is internet slang for Awesome). A dakwah could come in so many ways and forms, as the main aim is to touch everyone's heart and to spread the word of Islam.

One of the ways is by arts and drawings. A good medium as it could be easily "digested" by the readers. Managed by Illy Muzliza, an apprecitor of arts, design and beauty and by Ummu Nana, a fulltime-housewives, together they spread His words in creative and beautiful ways.

You may visit their website here, owhsomuslim.

P.S : Keep up the good work OSM team. May Allah bless you guys, always. :)

Angry Bird : Why so serious?

Angry bird has been an addicted, fun to play, time wasted games world-wide. Available to Iphone and other platform as well I guess. But this one caught my eye, "why do we need the bird egg?".

source : dorkly via hakimism

Malay Wedding In Malaysia

It's rare to found an infographic that is made in Malaysia. But I found this, a very interesting infographic about topic that we all love.. "wedding". :)

Excerpt from the blog itself said :

This is an infographic that tells the stages involved during a traditional Malay weddings in Malaysia.

Awesomely and nicely made by AdlanKhalidi.

P.S : I'm single and been a lone-ranger for a long time but seem like it that I must start saving some money for my future-marriage-maybe-to-be. Aminn. 

P.S.S : Siapa nak kahwin dengan aku? Jom kita start simpan sama-sama? :') *blush

17 January 2011

Inadvertence By These Play

While checkin all the people/link I had here in blogosphere, found this video made by Kawan sekamera and friends which is in group called "These Play". Very nice I must say. Ok, less talk. Please watch.

Note : This video is submitted for mofors road reels. Check them here.

Its A Rocket

It's been  a couple months since I left the school where I was placed for Internship. Internship is like housemanship for the Doctor, same system but in the different field. Hospital and school.

Back in those days, when it was my first time going to school for practicum, I have one thing in mind, to teach my students in untraditional way, non-ortodox or at least fun and simple but yet it will be meaningful, a lot to them. Did I manage to do that?

We noticed that our education system is different which more on exam-oriented education which resulting stress on those achievement and neglecting others, which is the joy of learning itself. There's no fun in learning anymore. Learning had become a burden, like a heavy rock on your shoulder. Awesome isn't ? .

Wish I will be able to keep this momentum when I am going to school soon. Same thing in mind and same determination like before.

PS : Oh my, I miss my students. MOE please send me to school A.S.A.P
PSS : I will be even more happy if the rocket going straight to the school's office up there. Hehe.

15 January 2011

It been a while

Salam and hello there,

Hello people, hello followers. Wether you are reading this or not. Thanks for keep coming back to this blog even I am seldomly updating this blog, for past 5 months. It's terrible. I know.Did you guys miss me? no? haha.

I'll make it short. I'll make a small update as to warming up my interest towards writing or blogging, whichever you call it. InsyaAllah. :)

Till we meet again on the next post.