17 January 2011

Its A Rocket

It's been  a couple months since I left the school where I was placed for Internship. Internship is like housemanship for the Doctor, same system but in the different field. Hospital and school.

Back in those days, when it was my first time going to school for practicum, I have one thing in mind, to teach my students in untraditional way, non-ortodox or at least fun and simple but yet it will be meaningful, a lot to them. Did I manage to do that?

We noticed that our education system is different which more on exam-oriented education which resulting stress on those achievement and neglecting others, which is the joy of learning itself. There's no fun in learning anymore. Learning had become a burden, like a heavy rock on your shoulder. Awesome isn't ? .

Wish I will be able to keep this momentum when I am going to school soon. Same thing in mind and same determination like before.

PS : Oh my, I miss my students. MOE please send me to school A.S.A.P
PSS : I will be even more happy if the rocket going straight to the school's office up there. Hehe.


Tawel Sensei said...

Haha blog ni "masih menendang" lagi nampaknya. If you honestly can't wait to teach, become a part-time tuition teacher! :D

Syafik said...

@tawel sensei : I am looking onto that. Belum ada kekosongan untuk itu diarea sin lagi. Mungkin perlu mencuba nasib ditempat lain. Mahu juga mencuba sebagai guru ganti.

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